Lesson Policies

Prospective students and parents: please read everything on this page before scheduling a lesson, so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

Student Cancellation Policy:  Essentially, you will be paying for my time; your lesson fee is your assurance that I will hold your scheduled day and time from week to week.  The cancellation policy is my assurance that you will show up for your lesson and help me pay my rent (the worthiest of causes, I assure you!).  I ask all my students to give me notice of at least one week in order to cancel a lesson at no charge.  Please be aware that the fee for any lesson cancelled with less than one week’s notice must be paid in full, and scheduling a lesson constitutes your acknowledgment of this policy and your agreement to pay me for that time.  At my discretion, I will usually try to reschedule around a student’s conflict for another day or time; however, I cannot guarantee a make-up time, and the closer it gets to the lesson day, the more limited my availability will become– so please let me know right away!

Teacher Cancellation Policy:  I hate canceling lessons!  I work hard to schedule lesson times that work for my students, and I always prefer to see each student every week, as I have found it essential to maintaining their progress and interest in what we’re working on.  Sometimes, though, life (or a gig) happens, and conflicts are unavoidable.  I will always try to let you know as soon as possible if I will have to cancel or reschedule a lesson, and you will never be asked to pay for a lesson I am forced to cancel.

Tardiness (Yours and Mine):  I also hate being late!  …but keeping appointments in New York City– with everyone’s hectic work, school, and family schedules, and the vagaries of traffic and public transportation– is always a gamble.  So I’ll be as forgiving as I can if you show up a few minutes late to your lesson, and I’ll ask that you grant me the same leniency (I am almost never late, anyway).  Please be aware, however, that I will often have other obligations (usually other lovely students like yourself) immediately before and after your lesson, so I may have to end at the scheduled time.  I care more about my students learning and having a good experience than about a few minutes here and there, so unless I have to rush off to the next student or gig, I am usually extremely generous with my time.  I frequently go past the scheduled ending of a lesson in order to finish what we’re working on, to give a progress report to a parent, or even just to chat– so don’t worry, we’ll have many chances to make up for lost time, if necessary.  And, hey, if you are running a little late, please give me a call or send a text to let me know that everything’s okay and you’re on the way!

Payment:  Unless you choose to buy a discounted lesson package (see the Rates page for more info), I ask that every student pay their fee at the beginning of each lesson.  Cash is always appreciated, but personal checks are perfectly fine, and I’m working on being able to take PayPal and credit card payments, as well (let me know if you’re especially interested in either of those, and I’ll make an extra effort to make it available).  Tips are also greatly appreciated, but are never expected!


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