Links – Sean’s personal website, including performance dates, media clips, blog posts, and other good stuff.

Dolmetsch Online – Music theory and history resources and a comprehensive music dictionary.

The International Saxophone Home Page – Includes interviews, articles, a very handy buyer’s guide, and a comprehensive links page.

I Was Doing All Right – An interesting blog by an aspiring jazz trumpet player, including a very nice ear training section, an online ear training tool he created, and info about his free iPhone ear training app. – Famed jazz educator Jamey Aebersold’s site – A great place to find books, play-along recordings, and other musical resources.  Check out the free .pdf Jazz Handbook!

Saxquest – Sean’s favorite online saxophone store.  A great place to find high quality mouthpieces, reeds, and other equipment.

Sax Shed – A site with some useful things on the “Study Tools” page.

Sheet Music Plus – A great place to get sheet music and music books.

NYC Music Teacher – A very insightful blog about teaching real music to real people by a real NYC music teacher.


“Musicians Use Both Sides Of Their Brains More Frequently Than Average People” – article about one of many recent studies suggesting that learning music can improve IQ scores and divergent thinking, “the ability to come up with new solutions to open-ended, multifaceted problems.”


Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted profile page – One of the world’s clearest thinkers about education and creativity. I love this animation of one of his talks about “Changing Education Paradigms”. More videos, writings, and other info can be found on his web site.

“Charles Limb: Your Brain On Improv” – A presentation about a recent, ongoing neurological study of brain activity in improvising musicians. Very interesting stuff!